This mobile application is a powerful and comprehensive tool that provides assistance and guidance to users in managing their personal finances. With features such as income and expense tracking, financial planning tools, interactive reports and charts, and personalized advice, users can make informed decisions and achieve better money management.

The Empire team played an essential role in the development of the Finami app, working closely with the client to turn their idea into a successful reality. From the start, we were involved in the process of understanding the client's vision and determining the direction in which they wanted to take the tool.

To ensure a successful development, we identified the resources needed for the different processes, formed a team with the required skills, and took charge of activity management and the work team. Thanks to our commitment and dedication, we managed to develop a functional and useful application that meets a need in society.

We are proud to have contributed to the success of the Finami app and to have been a fundamental part of its development.


In development

Technology Used

React Native / TypeScript / Redux

Affected Parties

Development / UX Design

Project Duration

Start date: February 2023

End date: -