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Software Development

services adapted to the latest technologies and customer needs, guaranteeing compliance with international standards and ensuring the quality of the delivered systems.

UI/UX Design

We offer UI/UX Design services with a modern and attractive approach, guaranteeing an intuitive interface and a memorable and differentiating user experience.

Branding and Marketing

Our team of experts creates and executes customized strategies to drive the success of our clients projects reaching you to a professional branding result. Our marketing services are specialized in tech business development.


About Us

THE EMPIRE is a company specialized in incubating and developing innovative technology projects. Our main goal is to help create and promote sustainable projects that have a significant impact on society.

At THE EMPIRE, we believe in the importance of closely collaborating with our clients to ensure their needs are met and their visions are respected. We work alongside them throughout the entire project, from the initial planning phase to the product launch and its ongoing maintenance.

If you are looking to boost your technology idea or project, THE EMPIRE is here to help. Contact us today and together we will bring your technology vision to life.

Project Types


Projects for financing

These projects are developed for an entrepreneur seeking to offer their idea to an investor or group of them. The project development consists of two stages: the first is the collection of information and the creation of an attractive demo for investors. In the second stage, the project is financed by the investors and THE EMPIRE offers the necessary work team that will be paid for by such funding.


Incubated projects

It refers to projects or entrepreneurs looking to develop a marketable and profitable idea, but who do not have the necessary financing to do so. THE EMPIRE provides the necessary tools in areas such as technology, design, and marketing, to help create a successful product. In exchange for these services, THE EMPIRE obtains a percentage of participation in the project's company, according to participation and the importance of the services offered.


Financed projects

These projects are aimed at companies already positioned in the market looking to expand their variety of products or services. THE EMPIRE offers information collection for free and the necessary work team to carry out the project, all financed by the applicant company.

Our Process


Initial meeting


Scope definition




Design and development


Testing and quality control


Implementation and training


Follow-up and support



Finami App

This mobile App's main function is to assist users in the proper management of their personal finances, so they can make informed decisions about how to effectively handle their money.

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Soluciones Web y App

Soluciones is a service provider company that connects experts in various fields with anyone who needs a problem solved. Through its mobile application, users can acquire services, get transportation assistance and buy tools and raw material for the use of the service.

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TodoNoticias Web

TodoNoticias is a news website that focuses on providing complete coverage of the most relevant events at the regional, national and international level. Its objective is to provide truthful, objective and timely information to our audience, using modern and efficient technological tools.

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