TodoNoticias Web

TodoNoticias is a digital news outlet that is characterized by providing accurate, objective, and timely information on the most relevant events at the regional, national, and international levels. Its goal is to offer its users a high-quality news experience, using modern and efficient technological tools to reach as many people as possible.

The team at The Empire collaborated on the conceptualization and development of the TodoNoticias website. In this collaboration, the client provided a journalism expert who joined our team to help with the conceptualization and understand the functionalities required for the proper internal functioning of the client.

We focused on designing an interface that would adapt to the characteristics and functionalities defined in the early stages of the project. Once the design was completed, our development team took charge of making the tool functional. During this phase, we carried out constant tests and controls to ensure that the site functioned correctly and met the requirements specified by the client.

Once we were satisfied with the development of the website, we proceeded to implement it and put it into production so that it would be available to the public. Additionally, we provide continuous support to resolve any technical issues that may arise and ensure optimal functionality for users.


In development

Technology Used

NextJS / RemixJS / TypeScript / Redux / MongoDB

Affected Parties

Development / UX Design

Project Duration

Start date: December 2022

End date: -